Walking in the Park, Dancing in the Street

I am not at the level of peace which I know is within reach. Oh, I’m not dangerously lost, don’t worry. I am missing something and I know what it is.

A bit over a year ago…18 months?… I came to Naples and made a commitment to make friends and have fun. I walked nearly every morning and went out dancing more nights than not.  I saw the same folks every morning walking, and the same people every night, dancing.

I miss the moment, a perfect moment, saying hello to the same folks in the park. I have a bike, but walking gives me more of a chance to connect, making me feel part of something, part of the park; maybe part of the culture of the park.

One guy I used to see rode by on his bike every day with either a Patriots, Red Sox or Celtics jersey.  We always had a word or a story for one another.  Once, I was gone for a month.  When I got back, he stopped his bike and asked where I had been.  It means something, especially at this time, to be missed by a stranger.

There is a woman who I saw once in a while with a walker.  She struggled. Her legs were wrapped,  and you could tell it was painful.  I greeted her often, never stopping.  One day, she was further out on the bridge than I had seen her before. I stopped and told her about a guy who won the Boston Marathon in record time about 40-50 years ago.  He said that his winning time was not so impressive.  Rather he admired the people who spent hours on the course, determined to finish. He said he had never spent 4-5 hours running, and told the reporter he should have more interest in them.  I have faced that, coming from a wheelchair, determined to finish. I told her that I admired the people out there who were not in the best of shape, but were determined.  As we talked, she told me it was the first time she had made it to the middle of the bridge span and could look out over the water.  I was glad I was there for her special moment.

Then the park closed.

A lot of faces in the park have changed.  There are two black men who show up on the weekends now, with their sons.  The four of them throw a football.  I like to stop to watch fathers with sons.  Sons with fathers, boys with men, make them whole.  Watching makes me feel good about the nature of who we are. There are more women now, but that’s during the week, as they struggle to talk on the phone in what is clearly business while keeping one eye on kids.  That is not so much fun to watch.

The faces have changed in the park.  Many are covered.  A few that are not, are hastily covered as soon as someone approaches from the opposite direction.  I don’t wear a mask while walking outside.  Once in a while, I get a harsh glance.

Until March, I took dancing lessons as part of my promise to myself to get out, make friends, meet people, and make Naples my home.

No more. That’s over.

I remember my first time in a place where a group of folks dance.  I guess it was just over a year ago. There were lots of friendly and welcoming folks. One woman made sure I had a name tag. A gang of three asked me to sit with them.  I think I was shy and danced once that night and left.  Lessons helped.  And what fun I had!  I gained a bit of confidence and let my shyness fade. A year ago this September, one kind woman gathered a gang of folks at a table and bought a cake for the second anniversary of my new heart. What a surprise, and how it touched my new heart Not this year, I’m afraid.

One friend, a great dancer, told me to shut my eyes and feel the music.  How I miss it!

Those who know me well, know of my life as an adventurer, wanderer, sailor, engineer, who loved three women. Two I count as best of friends, as I hope all will one day. I just wrote the story,  Love and Happiness.  Is that story over?  Never.  Should I publish it?  Maybe.

Going to get lost in my guitar for an hour. My new online teacher from Mauritius, an island off the coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, will expect me to practice. (The local teacher smoked and we were jammed in a closet-like space.) I like this young guy in Mauritius, who is engaged to be married next year. He invited me to the wedding, laughing.  I didn’t laugh.  I have done crazier things than go to Madagascar on a whim.

Life is not as full as it was.  It will be, once again.


Naples, Florida

August 16, 2020



15 thoughts on “Walking in the Park, Dancing in the Street

    1. Hi jim

      Enjoyed the story and makes me want to share mine, which I hope to write. In the middle of it though.

      How r u doing now? Hope I get it is well


  1. JOHN,

    Wonderful reading from you again!

    I have been relegated to Shelter In Paradise…the BOCAS archipelago!

    I’m not sure it would be any safer at my home in the San Francisco Bay Area!

    Keep walking in the park!


    LOUIS KRUK CIRQUE Red Frog Marina


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  2. I love this story every time I read it. We all now say we are stuck, but just maybe we are experiencing a few perfect moments we would not have. In being available for loved ones, friends and kindred spirits we give to ourselves and others in kind. This story leaves me with thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for our humanity.

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  3. This was a very beautiful read for me. As we move forward in these difficult times, I focus on brighter days where we will be free to wander far off. Now I keep spinning in circles, but am ready to roll. As we find our own special way, I hope our paths cross. The gift of sharing your feelings through your many observations and experiences touched me deeply. Thank you.

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  4. A while since I have visited your site. Once again great joy at reading your wonderful words. Peter and I are still in Red Frog Marina on our boat Cheetah. We have been in lockdown here since March. There are very few people around at the moment, 10 boaters and the Red Frog Resort villas and apartments are closed. Only a small number of people who own their properties remain. We lost a few great characters over the years yourself for one, Rex Rambo sadly died, although his boat is still sitting here. Henrik finally left, Gabby and Sam got married here and then went off across the Pacific to OZ. I hear are expecting their first child. Peter and I just don’t know where to settle, we love it here but it is so far from family and as our health needs increase we need to be somewhere with better medical facilities. I guess it will be the UK, maybe Dorset, or Hampshire. Only time and patience will tell. Stay safe, is your son nearbye? We will probably locate in the proximity of one of our two daughters.

    Fond Regards Jennifer and Peter


  5. Your writing is stunning! I love all your stories, I love going to bakers park on my bike as well and watch families, it makes me feel as filled of hope to have my own once, I also have my parents and all my family in Colombia so somehow makes me feel closer. It was really nice to Met you, Looking forward to read more.

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  6. Beautiful story! It depicts the true nature of humanity…..susceptible to closeness and affection. ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!! In memory to John Lennon


  7. Lovely to meet you, ever so briefly, outside the sweet Uzbeki restaurant near the wonderful Italian mercato you frequent. Thank you for sharing some of your stories in this blog.

    Here’s to greeting strangers in the park, dancing till all hours, adventuring, exploring, being worthy of our hearts, be they native or gifted….

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