Good Guys and Bad Guys

I went to the bookstore the other day. But that isn’t the point of the story, merely a way to tell it. I was on my way to Dancing with the Local Stars in Naples, and was early, decided to eat, was alone, and had no book. I cannot be alone without a great companion…a […]

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ALL that is left is the story

I stood next to the canvas windbreak, rather than sit on one of the plastic chairs facing the casket. The sky was gray, the wind cold and piercing. A few cows with snow on their backs watched from yards away.  Beyond the cows, the land they grazed stretched for miles.  The small and remote cemetery was surrounded […]

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The dignity of work

I turned from the entrance at The Café in Naples, and almost knocked her over, plates and all. I grabbed the tray and held it with one hand, and her arm with the other, and lost not a glass. She was on my weak side, a few inches under 5 feet tall. I could tell […]

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Holding Hands Forever

As we approached to cross the street at the square in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I reached for my son’s hand.  He took it, and we stepped down the curb.  Halfway across, my son sighted one of his first grade friends on the opposite sidewalk and ripped his hand away. Big boys don’t hold hands.  […]

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Munich to Munich

I was around ten when I began to open my eyes.  I know why.  My world had changed.  For the first ten years, life was small.  I played little league baseball for Gene’s Pony Keg. A thrill was being issued uniforms instead of t-shirts.  No matter that the heavy, baggy wool pants and shirts were […]

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September 25

“John, we have a heart for you.” Are there moments in life, which as they happen, we know we will recall for the rest of our lives?  Moments that will change our lives?  Perfect moments? On September 25, 2017, Dr. Sylvestry came to my hospital room and said, “John, we have a heart for you.” […]

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Who Are You?

What are you?  Who are you?  Are you what you have done?  Are you close to whom you want to be?  Are you what you have seen and thought, or perhaps written? Your adventures?  Experiences? Your mistakes? How you made amends? Who you have loved and lost?  Or who you have helped? I asked Mandy, who […]

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I went to my high school reunion this week.  I am not going to say which one.  Well, alright, I will, if you insist.  It was the 50th reunion.  I have known most of these people since I was 12 years old.  Several are life-long friends. When I was  in the hospital for most of 2017, […]

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A Letter to My Donor

“We have a heart for you,” Doctor S. said on September 24, 2017, a few hours before midnight. It had been nearly a year since I almost died and was offered this heart. I came out of a coma after nearly a month, bearded, hands strapped to the side of the bed, tubes everywhere, weak, emaciated, […]

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