Holding Hands Forever

As we approached to cross the street at the square in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I reached for my son’s hand.  He took it, and we stepped down the curb.  Halfway across, my son sighted one of his first grade friends on the opposite sidewalk and ripped his hand away. Big boys don’t hold hands.  […]

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Munich to Munich

I was around ten when I began to open my eyes.  I know why.  My world had changed.  For the first ten years, life was small.  I played little league baseball for Gene’s Pony Keg. A thrill was being issued uniforms instead of t-shirts.  No matter that the heavy, baggy wool pants and shirts were […]

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September 25

“John, we have a heart for you.” Are there moments in life, which as they happen, we know we will recall for the rest of our lives?  Moments that will change our lives?  Perfect moments? On September 25, 2017, Dr. Sylvestry came to my hospital room and said, “John, we have a heart for you.” […]

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I went to my high school reunion this week.  I am not going to say which one.  Well, alright, I will, if you insist.  It was the 50th reunion.  I have known most of these people since I was 12 years old.  Several are life-long friends. When I was  in the hospital for most of 2017, […]

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A Letter to My Donor

“We have a heart for you,” Doctor S. said on September 24, 2017, a few hours before midnight. It had been nearly a year since I almost died and was offered this heart. I came out of a coma after nearly a month, bearded, hands strapped to the side of the bed, tubes everywhere, weak, emaciated, […]

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It has been a long time since I have written much of anything.  My new heart is working well.  Only seven months ago today, I was gifted a new heart. It is hard to believe that this morning I walked two miles and lifted weights on my new weight bench by the pool. I am […]

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“Sailor traveling the world stops in Orlando for new heart” -Orlando Sentinel

This article is reposted from Orlando Sentinel. See the full article, including a video here.  Sailor and Florida Hospital patient John Allen, 67, never planned to end up in Orlando. “Work has brought me all over the world,” said Allen. Allen, a world traveler and engineer, spent his life planning and plotting adventures across the […]

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I Want to Go Outside

I cried today, because I went outside. A year ago, I wanted to sail around the world. It took years to get my boat, Ariadne, ready for this long journey.  She was at the entrance to the Panama Canal, ready to pass from the Atlantic to the Pacific on February 6, earlier this year, 2017.  […]

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Judging or Judgmental?

I went to church today. It isn’t a Catholic church.  If my mother were alive she would say, “You are going straight to hell for setting foot in that place.”  I even took communion with the pagans. That would leave no doubt in her mind as to my eternal fate. I hope she is busy […]

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